I Can

John A. Davies

I cannot walk, or run or play
A game of tennis every day,
I cannot dance or ride a bike
I'll never know what skating's like.

I have no soccer boots or ball
They are no use to me at all,
I'll never ski the waves or snow
So many thrills I'll never know

I'll never sail the wind or surf
Or chase a ball across the turf,
Nor climb the snow capped peaks above,
So many thrills I'll never love.

But I CAN ride through forest trails
To see the fox and rabbit tails
And watch the geese and ducks take flight
While leaping stags and deer take fright.

And I CAN follow mountain tracks
Past climbers weighted down with packs
To trace a river to its source
Above the clouds and feel the force.

Yes, I enjoy the "Sport of Kings",
When carried high my feet take wings
To fly me on a pleasure course,
For I CAN mount and ride a horse.